In general, the missionary position is not the best position for a woman to reach an orgasm during sex itself. Other positions, preferably those where the clitoris can be stimulated manually during sex, are actually better suited for this. There is one exception and that is the so-called CAT technique (coital alignment technique). In this position, the male partner lies slightly higher than normal, bringing his pubic bone to lie exactly above the female’s. This allows him to penetrate less deeply into the vagina, but he stimulates the clitoris with his penis with every movement.

Would you be willing to become his sex slave just for pleasure? This is what submission is all about, a sexual practice in which all power is given to whoever adopts the dominant role, to receive and give pleasure. We tell you what it is about in the third part of our Extreme Sex Special.

One of the most desired sexual practices by the male gender is revealed in depth in the book “The 50 Shades of Gray”: Training , where the woman fulfills a role of submission before the orders of her partner or her “master” . In this situation, the one who gets the most pleasure is the “master”; the woman, for her part, is the source that generates it and, at the same time, receives another level of pleasure. To know more visit our website

The established roles are that of the dominant and the submissive, in heterosexual couples. The first is the one who controls the submissive, has all the power, gives the orders and carries out the possible “punishments”. The submissive or, in this case, the submissive is the one who surrenders completely to the will of the dominant, without the right to reply.