Submissive Stable Dominatrix London

Safeword – Practitioners use the term in English a lot, but they can also use expressions in Portuguese, such as password or security word. It is a term agreed between the partners for the submissive to use when they want to stop any practice. Once said, whoever is dominating must stop what they are doing immediately. It is a way to ensure that the SSC rule is upheld and to allow requests such as “stop” and “please don’t” to be used as part of the erotic game without being an actual request.. In Portuguese, many partners use the word water.

Sub – Is the submissive person, male or female. Switcher – From English, the one who switches. It refers to the person who enjoys the role of dominator as much as the submissive. Top and bottom – Top is the person who, in a scene or activity, plays the dominant role.Check our website

Submissive stable

A stable submissive is one that is part of a group of submissives that belongs to a single dominant. A “block” is just that: a set of submissives who habitually live under the same roof as their dominant. It consists of the practice of BDSM and polygamy. 

Submissive “Sissy”

Submissive “Sissy” are submissive men who adapt attributes and characteristics traditionally belonging to the female gender. For example, men who enjoy wearing women’s clothing or lingerie and whose goal is self-feminization. Sissies are transvestite men who take on a submissive and passive role, often enjoying humiliation

Differences between a slave and a submissive, or a slave and a submissive

Slaves differ from submissive in small details that may go unnoticed, broadly speaking, their way of acting, their motivations and the way they submit is very different. Slaves are more maximalists, without expecting mercy from the dominant, submissive people tend to be dragged more by the mercy of the dominant person .Dom and domme – Ways of referring to a dominator and a dominatrix, respectively. The dom and the domme take control of the submissive in a scene, activity or relationship, of course, always in a consenting way. Slave – Someone who agrees to give full control to someone they are in a relationship with.

This is a game that also has agreed spaces and times. Let’s say if sex is the physical act of love, BDSM is its psychological part. You cannot slap left and right, or tie anyone down without having previously cultivated trust and agreed on when and where. Any bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism , or all together, can be the expression of a disturbed mind or they can be the words that describe the bedroom games that we have agreed with rules, limits and keywords, to enjoy intimate life without having to restrain our most atavistic desires . And it is only possible to build a BDSM sexual relationship from a healthy mind. Does it seem contradictory to you?

Submissive Prey or “Prey”

Within the Primal role-play, a fetish that consists of bringing out our inner animal and detaching ourselves from all civilized behavior , the Prey is the submissive part, which feels excited with the idea of   being hunted. The typical Primal scene is a couple chasing each other naked through the forest. The dominant counterpart of the Prey is the Predator

In animal role-playing games, a Pet is a submissive who adopts the attitude of a companion animal , while the dominant plays the role of owner. There are several pet fetishes, the most popular of which are puppies (“puppy-play”), kittens (kitten-play) and ponies (“pony-play”).

Indeed, it is somewhat contradictory because the relationship between sex and BDSM is complex, especially if you are a beginner. But there is a concept around which the possibility of establishing a type of healthy sexual relationship revolves, joining one, or each one of these terms, to the sexual games of the couple: trust.

Why is trust important?

Go ahead that trust cannot be implicit; You have to talk and communicate what role each one wants to play and, above all, how far you want to play. It is only when these limits have been discussed and the keywords established that the tongue will be able to caress the body of the couple, bound and bandaged; when the practice of spanking with the hand, whip or whip , it will be as pleasant as it is exciting; Or, when you get started in bondage , it will make sense.

Offering your submission to someone requires an extraordinary amount of conviction, not to mention courage and security in your partner and yourself. So, let’s collect: the first thing is the desire to act like a submissive or submissive ; later, to have no silver lining in wanting to carry out this role; and, finally, knowing for sure that your partner is going to respect the limits you have established.

When one person offers any limits of his submission to another, he is placing an immeasurable amount of faith in his lover. So much that if it is violated, it will be impossible to recover it. Therefore, the true goal of the dominant will be to gain the trust of his submissive .