The Advantages And Disadvantages Of BDSM Hotel For Black London Mistress

6 Reasons why we should all have sex in a hotel

We do not know if it will be because of the changing environment, because it is a way out of the routine or because it allows us to relax more than at home, but sex in a hotel is always better.

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If you want to have a night of passion and give free rein to your fantasies, a hotel is the perfect place for it. And if you look well, it doesn’t even have to be very expensive.

6 Reasons why sex is better in a hotel

1- The hotels are designed to be luxurious and sensual

The lighting, the fabric of the sheets, the size of the bed, everything is designed to attract the five senses . We don’t know exactly what it is, but there is something in the hotels that encourages us to feel more sexual.

In addition, it is an unknown site. The hotel room is not the place where you are accustomed to meet and, as they say, the unknown always generates some morbidity.

2- It helps you get out of the routineAt home, you have probably already traveled each of the rooms trying to give emotion to your sex life. But as much imagination as you have, the sites are more limited.

Simply leaving the usual routine, even if it is not a luxury hotel, allows you to get involved in an aura of adrenaline and emotion that helps you feel more sexual.

3- You don’t have to go far

You do not have to be on vacation or go to the other side of the world to spend a night in a hotel and get the benefits that this entails.

The simple fact of sleeping away from home, of venturing into a new place with your partner or spending some time alone , increases your libido and you are more attracted to each other.

4- You don’t have to clean

The best thing without a doubt about staying at a hotel is the fact of not having to “do anything” . It does not matter if you use cream or chocolate to give a gastronomic touch to your encounter, it will not be you who will have to clean the remains later.

And you don’t just have to consider the after. The fact of arriving at a perfectly clean place, with the bed made and scented, already makes your senses wake up and you feel more receptive when it comes to having sex.

5- There are no distractions At home, as much as you want, there are always distractions. In the hotel room there are no photos of the children that make you think where you are going to take them on Saturday, nor receipts that remind you that you have to pay for the light, nor that mountain of work papers that you still have to do. There is only your partner, you and your imagination .

In this way you will avoid feeling guilty for spending time on your desire, instead of catching up with emails or laundry.

6- You can make noise It’s not that you have to wake up the whole hotel at 3 in the morning, but you always have more freedom . At home, whether for children or for the neighbors, whom you will also have to continue seeing every day, you feel more self-conscious.

Here you can get carried away, free yourself and make noise. Total, if the neighbors complain, you won’t see them again.

The environment, the attitude, the service, whatever it is, sex is always better in a hotel. So you know, what are you waiting for to book a magnificent night of passion?

Notitarde.- It is no secret to anyone that going to a hotel causes more stimulation at the time of sex, whether with your partner or not, feelings and creativity grow.

In this sense, knowing what to do in this class of sites is essential.

At present, they offer their clients, not only discretion but all the necessary elements to fulfill their fantasies and experience new sexual practices.

Also, in these spaces a good bed, mirrors, bathtubs and even a piece of furniture (colt) are at your disposal, to make your stay a total pleasure.

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Although, for many hotels are a good option, they have their advantages and disadvantages, so here we tell you.


1. Security and discretion

In some spaces, the staff is prepared in case of an emergency caused by a type of sexual practice.

In addition, many hotels are conditioned to preserve and protect the identity of the people who enter.

2. You do not run the risk of being disturbed

 There are no children entering or leaving, nor inappropriate phones or bells.You fully enjoy that little moment you took for both of you.

3. Cleaning

Most hotels clean the rooms every time they are unoccupied, this offers the couple a hygienic environment  .

You consider this option when you look for one of these sites, which has the hygiene you expect.



Costs may vary, which causes it to be an option that cannot be performed continuously.

Also, it is considerable to remember that the cost of these rooms will depend on where they are located, the service and the quality of the establishment.


In addition to exceeding the budget destined to fulfill the fantasy, going to the hotel regularly can make it a routine action.

Everything in sexuality is allowed, provided it is with responsibility.

Try new things in your relationship, there are countless sexual practices that can help you light the flame.