Extreme Sex For Dominatrix London: Submission

Would you be willing to become his sex slave just for pleasure? This is what submission is all about, a sexual practice in which all power is given to whoever adopts the dominant role, to receive and give pleasure. We tell you what it is about in the third part of our Extreme Sex Special.

One of the most desired sexual practices by the male gender is revealed in depth in the book “The 50 Shades of Gray”: Training , where the woman fulfills a role of submission before the orders of her partner or her “master” . In this situation, the one who gets the most pleasure is the “master”; the woman, for her part, is the source that generates it and, at the same time, receives another level of pleasure. To know more visit our website https://www.nicolebdsm.com/

The established roles are that of the dominant and the submissive, in heterosexual couples. The first is the one who controls the submissive, has all the power, gives the orders and carries out the possible “punishments”. The submissive or, in this case, the submissive is the one who surrenders completely to the will of the dominant, without the right to reply. 

The use of sex toys to stimulate the genitals, objects to tie the limbs and immobilize them during the sexual act (better known as bondage ), whips, Dominatrix London among other spanking instruments are some of the elements with which the dominant will arm himself to make reality her fantasy, all with the prior consent of the submissive.

In training or submission (a practice included in the long list of paraphilias) feelings are set aside during sex, becoming a purely carnal act. Just like in a game, there are punishments but at the same time rewards . Limits are also established previously in the couple, but it is their decision to decide how far they want to go in the need to give and receive erotic pleasure.

Keys to a dominant woman: How to be the Dominatrix London?.

There are men who prefer dominant women in all facets of life: in sex, at home, with children or in labor and financial matters. In other words, there are people who need to be dominated and who like to be sent.

Some women are fascinated by leading this lifestyle and want to learn how to be dominant. But it is not so simple because many times we are talking about something innate. We reveal below all the keys to become a dominant woman .

Organize the life of the other

It takes time but you can start with organizing basic and fundamental issues in the lives of others. That is, to establish when to do according to what and in what way. This will make you feel powerful and with practice you can master much more ground.

Always make decisions

You are the one who makes decisions in the couple. Especially the important ones. In this way the position of domination is total and the other member of the couple ends up doing what one imposes.

Sexual intercourse

This is one of the parts that men like most looking for a dominant woman. They prefer that the woman take the initiative in bed starting her games, proposing all kinds of ideas, looking for different places to have sex and always end and start the relationship according to the tastes of the dominant woman.

From the first moment

To start practicing domination with your partner, you have to be in dating; that is, from the first moment or when the person is known. Make it very clear what kind of person you are, who you are looking for and show him this dominant position from the first date. The woman is the one who falls in love, gives the first kiss and begins the sexual relationship.

Dominant at work

Men who need a dominant woman look for her in all facets. And therefore it must also be in the workplace. They will then look for women in leadership positions, often being the one to take the money home.

Confident women

To be dominant security is a decisive factor. It is vital to be confident, to have a lot of confidence in yourself and to know how to transmit it to others.