What is a Dominatrix London

Can you imagine a woman who wants to fulfill all her sexual desires, but is she the one in charge? We are talking about a Dominatrix London and if you still do not know what it is, in this article we will try to explain everything to you. And, according to the taste of the submissive transparent visit https://www.nicolebdsm.com/

Let’s start by knowing what a dominatrix is

Dominatrix is ​​a word that comes from Latin and means “dominating woman” or “teacher” , a type of woman who plays the role of dominating in BDSM practices .

There are two types of Dominatrix, the professional and the non-professional

The professional is obviously the one who exercises the profession and is in charge of making the fantasies of submissive clients, that is, men ( they can also be women ) who have the desire to be sexually dominated.

Although there are professionals who carry out these activities in their daily life, owning a “personal slave” and who generally tends to be their husband or boyfriend, without professional commitment.

In order for you to better understand the art of dominatrix, first of all it is necessary that you know what BDSM is (Bondage and Discipline (B / D), Domination and submission (D / s) and Sadism and Masochism (S / M) , which are some sexual practices that may or may not involve sex, pain and tickling, for example.

These are based on a rigorous ethical principle so that it can work and all practices must be healthy, safe and consensual.

There is no consensus on the exact origin of BDSM practices, but similar practices are known to have existed long ago.

From Ancient Greece to the Kama Sutra , there are references to sadomasochism, domination, and erotic submission . Many of the practices expressed in historical records are not accepted in BDSM because they are not safe.



This is the art of tying people, be it for aesthetics, restriction or erotic pleasure. There are several different techniques and it can be done with ropes, handcuffs, chains, or shackles. There are people who feel so much pleasure that they practice bondage themselves !!


It is the technique of disciplining or being disciplined by someone for the most diverse purposes. Despite their consent, discipline generally goes beyond a simple relationship of domination , since in order to reinforce the desired behavioral changes, it is necessary to manipulate the person to be disciplined and make them exceed their own limits.

Domination and submission

This is a relationship activity where one person submits to another. This is the case of someone who allows someone else to tie her up, humiliate her, hit her and make her do things for sex or not.

There are people who like only economic domination and others who like the dominator to control their routine. It is worth remembering that the dominator can be both male and female (dominatrix).

Within this practice, other types of activities can be carried out:

Pet play

When the submissive behaves like the dominator’s pet ( usually the animal is a cat or dog ), it includes the use of objects such as dresses, necklaces or toys.

Pony play

When the submissive assumes the role of a horse or pony. The submissive can wear shoes in the shape of a horse’s leg, reins and whips.

Gold rain

It is the act of urinating on it in order to offer pleasure to both the one who does it and the one who receives it.


When a person feels the pleasure of causing pain in another person. Within BDSM, this word is used to highlight people who like a type of safe and consensual sex, where they can cause pain in their partners.


When someone likes to receive pain. The masochist is only a person who feels pleasure in feeling pain, not necessarily an erotic pleasure.

BDMS Rules

Within BDSM there are some rules, such as the person cannot be unconscious or under the influence of a drug. Nor can you do anything that the other person does not allow or that could put your life at risk.

Why does a dominatrix provoke interest and curiosity?

In a world where men are under so much pressure and must take control by showing that they are male and powerful, it is not difficult to understand why a dominatrix fantasy works so well to spice up sex.

Some people need a break from themselves. That is why some men allow women to be in charge, being the aggressor for a moment, and that losing control can be very exciting.

So would you like to be a dominatrix (if only as a fantasy) ? You are not sure? Here are some basic tips to help you become an amazing dominatrix.

Imagination is the most important aspect of seduction if you want to give a new twist to your sex life by dominating your partner. Remember that you should always start smoothly and work your way up to later play more intense games.

Maybe you can start using your verbal skills while whispering and telling him everything you’d like to do to him.

Then slowly increase the temperature and have a little more physical contact. Maybe you can use his tie to hold his arms behind his back, while you take off your clothes. Or inflict “torture” by substituting your bra or panties for the whip , but don’t show it all at once, learn to stay in suspense.

Make use of mental manipulation in your partner to exercise control over him and increase his erotic expectation.

In reality, the exchange of power between couples has to occur in the mind before it occurs in the body. Ideally, you should get this game before you enter the room.

Creating different situations can be the beginning of the discovery of new forms of pleasure. If you have a partner who is really willing to enter this game with you, allow yourself to experiment and overcome your limits .